Dangel Martínez has a long and diversified artistic career.

Firstly, as a dancer in the funk group T-Wonders and later on as a choreographer on many radio shows (Cadena 40 Principales, Mi Radio, Radio 9). He has also been touring as a dancer for diverse artists, such as Ingrid (Nº1 in Europe with single "Tu es foutu"), Noelia Zanón (Canal 9 TV) and participated in several TV shows (TVE 2, Antena 3, TVV, etc.). His career includes as well working as a vocalist for some bands:

- LOS LATINOS Orchestra, with Latino Blanco as showman (a tour musician for Presuntos Implicados).
- PLAYX2, duet with the artist Bobby Jay, and both of them as the composers.
- SODA, by working with Filmax Music and making a cheerful and summer music.

As a result of his training as modern music dancer and singer too (trained José Cuellar), Dangel has achieved a great artistic experience.

As for productions he has colaborated with Manuel Tomás (Raphael, Amaral, Nina Pastori), Jorge Pérez (Presuntos Implicados, Polock), Pablo Torres (D"Nash, Nómadas), J.M. Moles (Los Caños, Sergio Alcover), Sergi Pérez (OBK"s keyboardist), "Austin" / Agus González (Buen Color, S2), José Luís Mathias (Los Inhumanos, Comite Cisne), etc.
And now, after a long pathway, Dangel shows us all of his talent: singer, entertainer and composer. And he comes up with a fresh and different sound!